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How to Put on Pillowcases Like They Do at a Hotel

A woman places a pillowcase on a pillow.

If you’re anything like me, there are few things you love more than a perfectly made bed that you can crawl into at night. Now, you can get your linens even more perfect.

Thanks to a TikTok hack from content creator Kaylie, you can put your pillowcases on just like a hotel does.

In the video, Kaylie shows a pillow inside a slightly oversized pillowcase. The edges of the case dangle at the end, and while that’s fine, it’s not the neatest look. To fix it, Kaylie grabs the center of the pillowcase, just above where the pillow starts. She then tucks in the top of the case before moving to tuck in the two bottom edges. She tucks them in tightly, pulls the edges of the case taut, and the result is a perfectly rectangular pillow.


It’s the little things 😊 #cleantok #housekeeperhacks #cleaninghacks #cleaning


The video has amassed a cool 16.2 million views, but it’s not the only bedding hack to go viral on TikTok. Back in May, creator Julie Sousa revealed that the secret to making your bed look like a hotel is using not one but two duvets for that fluffy, cloud-like appearance.

Now that you’ve got pillowcases down, check out this hack for adding your duvet without all that scrambling.

[Via Hunker]

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