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Why You Should Put Aluminum Foil in Your Dryer

A dryer sits next to a hamper.
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There’s no shortage of laundry hacks out there, but some of the most convenient ones involve household items you probably already have—like aluminum foil.

Turns out that you can use aluminum foil as a dryer ball and fluff, soften, and remove static from your clothes all at the same time.

If you’re still dedicated to your fabric softener and haven’t made the switch to dryer balls, this hack might be the perfect way to try a new method. All you need is to crumble up enough aluminum foil to form a ball or two that’s roughly the size of your palm. Then, smooth out the edges by rolling the ball over a countertop or smashing it down (if you just want to get out some rage).

Once there are no jagged edges, simply toss the ball into the dryer with your clothes. While they won’t get your clothes quite as soft as traditional fabric softener or dryer sheets, you won’t deal with leftover film on your clothes.

As for static, the balls work because when laundry tumbles, positive and negative electrons are exchanged. When the cycle ends those opposing electrons cause clothes to stick together. The aluminum foil balls help to disrupt those electrons eliminating cling.

Want to try another softening method? You might want to grab that bottle of vinegar in your pantry.

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