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You Can Use Dish Soap for Your Laundry (But Only Like This)


Not everyone has a laundry room fully stocked for every stain removal or washing emergency. Thankfully, though, there are handy hacks out there for you, and one uses something you definitely have.

You can use dish soap on your laundry, but don’t pour it in just yet. Dish soap is actually a pre-wash treatment used to remove stains.

To use this trick, you’ll add a little bit of soap to the stain you want to treat and let it sit for a few hours. You can also allow the whole garment to soak in a mix of warm, soapy water. Once finished soaking, rinse out the soap and add the piece to your laundry as normal. Keep in mind, though, that this treatment method works best on grease-based stains as dish soap is designed to break down food waste (including grease).

Dish soap isn’t the only common household item that can double as a laundry hack, though. If you’ve got a bottle of vinegar in your pantry, you’ve also got a great way to remove mildew scents and soften clothing. Dealing with an oil-based stain? Cornstarch is key.

The next time you’ve got a laundry stain but no remover, you’ve got options.

[Via Reader’s Digest]

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