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This Will Be 2022’s Biggest Plant Trend

A peace lily sits in front of a window.
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In 2020, everyone seemed to get either a plant or a pet. While you probably shouldn’t keep adding pets to your home, you can add plants. There is a major trend coming in 2022.

According to Michelle Alfaro, plant expert and co-owner of Maranta Plant Shop, flowering plants are the big move for 2022.

If you’re part of #planttok on TikTok or following plant influencers on Instagram, you likely know that greenery has been the move for most plant parents. While some love cultivating flower varieties like orchids, greenery—like snake plants, lucky bamboo, and pothos— has dominated indoor spaces. Now, flowers plants will be taking over according to Alfaro.


Not ready for houseplants yet? You can always opt for an herb garden first.

“Watching a plant grow and flower feels like a more long-term investment in your relationship with the plant,” said Alfaro. “You’re watching it thrive in the full aura of what it’s meant to be, which can be really affirming.”

Alfaro does have a few varieties in mind for the year as well. In particular, she sees waxy hoyas as a popular choice. Not only are they flowering (duh), but they are a hanging plant which is another trend she sees for this year. Plus, there’s an element of surprise to the hoya. When you first get the plant, you won’t know the flowers’ color until it blooms, so you could have a white, yellow, or pink bloom.

Curious about Alfaro’s other predictions for flowering plants in 2022? Find them all at Apartment Therapy, and if you’re not quite ready to take on a flowering variety quite yet, check out these hard-to-kill plants anyone can care for.

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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