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This Affordable Grout Cleaner Is Being Called Magic on TikTok

A person cleans grout with a cleaner.
Aastha Lal/TikTok

Yes, it’s only January, but spring is on its way, and with it comes spring cleaning. Thanks to a recent TikTok, though, you can get a jump start on one particularly pesky area.

TikTok content creator Aastha Lal showcased a grout cleaner that worked so well, it was dubbed “magic,” and the video proves just how well it works.

In her upload, Lal is using the Zep Industrial Grout Cleaner and Brightener, and she starts the video by simply squirting the solution over the dirty grout. As she does, you can see it begin to transform from a dingy gray to a sparkling white in just seconds with absolutely no scrubbing.

Zep Industrial Grout Cleaner and Brightener

Using this cleaner means no sore muscles the day after a deep clean.

When Lal does get out a scrubber brush, though, the cleaner really shines. Once the cleaner has been applied all over the tile, she scrubs with the hard bristle brush, and voila! While yes, the cleaner is industrial strength, you can get a pack of two for $24.99 on Amazon.


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While Lal’s tip to use Zep works on floors (though you should be sure to make sure your particular material will be fine via a spot check and the product’s label), what about pesky grout in your shower walls? Well, you might have what you need right under your sink. You can create a baking soda and bleach paste to clean tough spots, but the real trick is to enclose those areas in plastic wrap.

Want to know more about using plastic wrap to clean grout, check out the whole process here.

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