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This Hack Stops Drawer Organizers From Sliding Around

A person places museum glue onto the bottom of organizers.

We all have those drawers that are stuffed full of everything from papers and pens to charging cords and batteries. If you’ve tried to clean them up using drawer organizers, you’ll know that they’re prone to slipping and sliding. Thankfully, there’s a hack for that.

TikTok content creators @neatmethod uses museum glue to adhere the organizers, and it won’t damage the organizers themselves or the drawer.

In the video, the creator showcases a perfectly organized drawer thanks to clear bins, but unfortunately, the bins are askew having slid around upon opening the drawer. The solution is museum glue, a clear, tacky gel that easily sets and holds items in place without leaving behind residues or damage when removed.

Ready America 33111 Museum Gel

Keep items in place with this handy "glue."

She scoops a small amount of the glue from the tub and rolls it into four small balls. Then, she adheres the glue to each of the four corners of the acrylic organizers, places them back into the drawer, and allows them to set. Once they’re attached, she opens the drawer, and the bins stay perfectly in place.


Sharing our favorite hacks as you get organized in the newyear! New Hampshire Neat!

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While @neatmethod uses the clever trick on drawer bins, museum glue can be used in other ways, too (and it comes in handy sticky pads). In one review, a cat owner explained that their furry friend was constantly knocking things off shelves. Museum glue fixed it. Clever, right?

Whether you’re trying to keep your drawers organized or want to prevent your cat from breaking your valuables, museum glue could be the answer.

[Via Hunker]

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