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This Simple TikTok Trick Keeps Your Bed Smelling Fresh

A person uses baking soda on their mattress.
Chantel Mila/TikTok

You should, of course, be washing your linens. In between those laundry sessions, how can you keep your bed smelling fresh?

According to TikTok content creator Chantel Mila, all you need is some baking soda and essential oil.

In a video uploaded to her account, Mila explains deodorizing and then adding scent to your mattress is the real way to ensure your bed always smells as fresh as possible. She begins by sprinkling baking soda over her bare mattress as well as five drops of the essential oil of your choice. Once added, she grabs a handheld vacuum and uses it to spread the baking soda and essential oils.

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When finished, she adds her fitted sheet (and throws in a tip to spray tap water in order to prevent wrinkles), moves on to her top sheet, and finishes making the bed. Voila! She has an odorized, perfectly made bed.


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There are a few things to consider when it comes to this hack, though. First, you’ll want to use 100% pure essential oils. Diluted or unpure oils could leave behind staining and residue. No matter what, though, test the oils before going to town with this trick.

Next, time on the surface matters. If you want to make this hack worth its while, try allowing the baking soda to sit for a while. Throw it on before heading out to work or let it sit while you’re on vacation. The longer it’s there, the better it’ll deodorize.

Finally, you don’t need to use essential oils. If you’re simply looking for a clean, fresh bed, forgo them and opt just for the baking soda. You’ll still get the deodorizing benefits.

The next time it’s laundry day, you might want to consider MIla’s hack, and while you’re at it, why not try making your bed as they do at a hotel, too?

[Via House Digest]

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