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Just Left a Job? Stay in Touch with Your Old Coworkers

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When you leave a job, you don’t have to leave behind the people you’ve met and worked with. Your former co-workers might not be your close friends, but they do make a great source for networking.

If you left your previous jobs on good terms (gave ample notice, didn’t make a scene, etc.), you might want to keep in touch with your former bosses as well. Here are four good reasons why.

Former Managers Make Great Mentors

People lucky enough to work for a great boss know they can be a great asset. Your former bosses are a wealth of knowledge in your industry and in the role of managing employees. Don’t be afraid to check back in with them when you want to learn more, are looking to expand your career, or are getting ready to hire employees of your own.

Once you’ve been someone’s boss, you might find they come back to you for advice and education even when they’ve moved on to other jobs.

Former Co-Workers Are Excellent References

Keeping in touch with people who worked side-by-side with you is a great idea when you’re looking for new work. They know your dedication to the job and that you were easy to work with, so reach out and ask them for references and referrals when you need them. They might even reach out to you when they know of job openings that fit your expertise.

Former Co-Workers Could Become Future Employees

Whether you find yourself in a managerial or hiring position at a new business or you launch your own business, former co-workers make great employees. You’ve worked with them and know who showed up on time and got the work done. You’ve basically already vetted them without knowing it.

If your past co-workers aren’t looking for work themselves, they might have just the right person to pitch to you for the job.

Networking and Marketing with Your Former Co-Workers

Whether one of the other scenarios here happens or not, your co-workers turned friends or acquaintances are a great asset when it comes to promoting your own business. Keep them informed about what you’re up to, ask them if they’ll take a few business cards to pass around, and keep them active in your social media circle.

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