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What Is a Home Drop Zone, and Why Do You Need One?

Keys hang on a holder over a table.
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If we’re all being honest, there’s at least one junk drawer in our homes. They’re chock full of leftover chapstick and mail, and they’re intimidating to clean. There might be a solution.

A home drop zone is a specific section of your home where you’ll keep all of your daily necessities instead of popping them into a junk drawer.

The tip comes courtesy of Jaclyn King, a professional organizer at Sort of Space, who explained that an ‘essentials drop zone’ will help organize all of the common things that fall into a junk drawer without you thinking about it.

“Having a dedicated place for these items will eliminate the frustration of searching for them when you are heading out the door!” said King.

There are a few different ways to create the space, but ideally, it should be near the door you use when entering and exiting your home. This keeps your must-haves close by when you’re leaving and encourages you to put them down right as soon as you enter. You don’t need any sort of fancy foyer or hallway table to set up the drop zone, either.

King said that whether you rent or own your home, you can hang hooks by the door for your keys or leases of any pets you have and then add a ledge or wall caddy. Depending on your needs, the caddies can be large enough to hold a wallet, extra masks, chapsticks, and even outgoing mail.

If you just haven’t been able to ditch your junk drawer habit or hate how messy your countertops look when you get home from work, a home drop zone might be the answer.

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