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What Is an Emotional Escape Room?

A bedroom is softly light with string lights.
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Let’s get honest. Things are, well, stressful right now. New year, new me might be going so well, and the post-holidays budget crunch could be in full swing. When the going gets tough, though, the tough get going to their…emotional escape room?

According to the experts over at Pinterest, emotional escape rooms are the latest home trend, and they’re the exact opposite of a panic room.

An emotional escape room is exactly what it sounds like, a portion of your home that’s been designed to help you destress and escape the hard emotions of the day. Given just how much time people have spent at home over the last two years, it’s easy to see how your space has become your sanctuary, and this trend is simply asking you to lean in a bit more.

Pinterest explained in its Pinterest Predicts forecast that searches for tiny library rooms, crystal rooms, and home massage rooms have all seen massive increases in search over the past year, and it’s not relegated to one age group. All demographics are looking for the same thing—a literal safe space.

That doesn’t mean you need to convert your guest bedroom into a library or create a music room out of your closet. Emotional escape rooms are more like emotional escape spaces. You can choose particular nooks in your home and craft them into the cozy, relaxing section that you ever knew you needed. Whether it’s crafted a reading nook or creating a space for art, your escape room can be whatever you’d like.

If you’ve been feeling like you need a more relaxing space, adding a bit of ambient lighting or cozy details might just be the trick to your emotional escape room.

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