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Fix Wrinkled Sheets with This Simple Hack

A woman puts sheets on a bed.

Whether you’ve left your sheets in the dryer just a bit too long, or they’ve been folded in your laundry closet and now have creases, wrinkled sheets are no fun. There’s a simple way to fix it according to TikTok.

Content creator Chantel Mila featured a genius hack on her account, and it proved that all you need for wrinkle-free sheets is a bit of tap water.

In her video, Mila shares a few different inexpensive home fixes, and the first is a way to correct wrinkled sheets. Instead of throwing them back in the dryer and doing another cycle (which costs energy), Mila says to add a bit of water to a small spray bottle and dampen the sheets slightly before tucking them in.

The moisture will help make the sheets more pliable and allow you to stretch out the wrinkles. Plus, if you use 100% pure essential oils (which don’t cause staining), you can also add a scent to your bed while you smooth the wrinkles.


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This isn’t Mila’s first bedding hack, though. She recently went viral for another clever trick that allows you to deodorize and scent your bed. All you need is a bit of baking soda, some essential oil, and a handheld vacuum.

If you’re tired of working hard to get your bedding just right only to have it wrinkle, Mila’s hack might be for you. For those looking to add more pieces to their collection, here’s how many sheets you should actually have.

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