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7 Storage Hacks to Keep Your Home Gym Organized

Three images of items reccommended in the article below from brands like Puroma, Wallniture, and SONGMICS.

Does your home gym look a bit chaotic, with random exercise accessories and equipment scattered everywhere? Don’t sweat it! Most home fitness areas look more disorganized than other rooms in the home. But these helpful storage solutions will help you tidy up your workout space and keep it that way!

If your home gym is a bit of a hot mess, you’re not alone—who wants to clean after working out, anyway? Luckily, there are many affordable storage solutions that’ll not only save you some space, but also give your fitness area a quick upgrade. From hanging up those jump ropes to stacking your dumbbells, these handy racks, hooks, and shelves will help you keep your home gym organized.

Hang Up Those Jump Robes and Bands

A hook rack holding a set of keys and a wet towel.

An easy, space-saving way to store jump ropes, resistance bands, cycling bib shorts, and even towels, is to hang them up. The SONGMICS hanging coat rack features four double hooks, perfect for quickly storing all your hangables after a workout.

The shelf on top is also a handy place to stash your water bottle while you do your routine. Or, you can even add a little motivational décor. This stable shelf/hook combo can hold up to 35 pounds, so you’ll have to keep your dumbbells elsewhere (but no worries—we have a solution for those, too!).

Installation is also easy, with the two included expansion screws and caps. Measuring 15.7 x 4.1 x 4.1 inches, it’s available in white or rustic brown to match any décor.

SONGMICS Hanging Rack

Hang up those jump ropes, resistance bands, and towels for a more organized look.

A Shoe Bench

Two images that display the SONGMICS shoe bench which features shelving for shoes and dumbbells and a spot to sit and put shoes on.

Whether you need to take off your sweaty kicks to do some yoga, or you’ve just finished some heavy cardio, this sturdy bench is the perfect place to sit down, remove, and store your shoes. The open shelving below the bench is the perfect place to store your workout shoes, so you’ll always know where they are when it’s time to exercise.

Made of 100% natural bamboo, this bench can hold up to 264 pounds. It measures 27.6 x 11.2 x 17.7 inches to hold up to six pairs of shoes. You can also use the space underneath to store towels, resistance bands, yoga blocks, and more.

SONGMICS Shoe Rack Bench

A convenient place to put on, remove, and store your workout shoes.

Storage Cubes

A Puroma cube storage organizer filled with books and decor.

Open shelving or a storage center not only looks nice, but it’s also a convenient way to store your exercise gear. You’ll never have to go searching for those resistance bands again, because everything will be right there, openly displayed.

This sleek Puroma storage cube set is an excellent solution for stacking water bottles, towels, or yoga blocks. Each of these six cubes can handle up to 15 pounds, so you’ll have to stack those heavy dumbbells elsewhere (see below for our solution for those!).

They’re easy to assemble and disassemble if you decide you want to rearrange them differently. This set is also available in several neutral colors, including black, grey, red-brown, and white.

Puroma Storage Cubes

Easy to rearrange for storing all your fitness gear.

Floating Shelves with Oversized Brackets

A Mkono shelf with large triangular brackets which are great for storing a yoga mat.

One of our favorite fitness storage hacks is using oversized shelf brackets as a yoga mat or foam roller rack. This unique idea comes directly from lifestyle blog, IHeart Organizing.

To set it up, just hang these oversized brackets by Mkono, rest your floating shelves on top, and then insert your yoga mat or roller through the brackets. They’ll also hold jump ropes, rolled-up towels, or resistance bands. And, of course, you can also use the shelves to stash other lightweight gear.

Each bracket measures 5.7 x 5.9 x 0.7 inches, with an inner size of 5.7 inches. This four-pack will hold two separate shelves.

Mkono Gold Shelf Brackets 4-Pack

These stylish gold brackets will support your floating shelves and store your jump-ropes and bands.

Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves, Set of Two

The lip in front prevents items from rolling or falling off.

An Ottoman with Hidden Storage

A SONGMICS ottoman which creates a chic space, for storing and sitting.

An ottoman is a fabulous storage solution for your gym equipment. It’s a chic upgrade to the simple shoe bench we included above because you can hide your items inside, rather than stashing them on open shelving.

This faux leather, padded ottoman would work particularly well if your living room or home office doubles as your workout space. Whenever you’re not working out or you have guests over, your gym accessories will remain incognito. And let’s not forget, it’s also a usable piece of furniture!

For less than $50 (at this writing), it’s a steal! The 15- x 43- x 15-inch hidden storage space is large enough to store everything from shoes and clothing, to resistance bands and jump ropes. Available in six colors, this sleek, comfy piece will look lovely anywhere in your home.

SONGMICS Faux Leather Ottoman

The perfect incognito storage solution.

Rack Those Mats

Two exercise/yoga mat racks hanging on a white wall.

If your main goal is practicality, and you aren’t trying to hide your home gym, you’ll appreciate this lightweight wall rack from Wallniture. It allows you to store all your gear in one place without going too fancy.

This straightforward, no-fuss rack has plenty of space for stashing all your exercise mats and foam rollers, along with three smaller hooks on the bottom for jump ropes and bands. Measuring 7.2 x 7 x 19 inches, it can hold any roller or mat up to six inches in diameter.

Wallniture Wall Mount Rack

Minimalistic, convenient storage for all your workout gear.

A Dumbbell Rack

Two images of the CAP Barbell dumbbell storage rack on a gray background.
CAP Barbell

Dumbbells are timeless fitness tools, but once you start using them, your exercise space can quickly become overcrowded.

Say goodbye to that chaotic clutter with this sturdy dumbbell rack from CAP Barbell. The no-nonsense, steel construction is built to last and can hold up to three sets of dumbbells, weighing a total of 120 lbs.

It comes in black or grey, and also folds up for easy storage if you ever need it out of sight.

CAP Barbell Dumbbell Rack

Holds up to 120 lbs.

If your home workout area is a bit cluttered, these easy, affordable storage solutions will help you tidy things up in no time! And while you’re at it, you might want to add a few extras to help yourself stay motivated.

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