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What Is the ‘Magic Number Method’ for Decluttering?

A woman places clothes in a box.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to decluttering is sentimentality. It’s also a pain to overcome. There’s a viral decluttering method that might help.

The “magic number method” from creators Bonnie and Lily of @littlehomeorganised say setting a firm number around how many items you want to keep can keep those emotions in check. 

Before you get started going through your stuff, select the number of a specific item you want to keep. To do this, you’ll think about how many of something you need and multiply that by the number of people in your home. The creator gives cups as an example.

She explains she wants three cups—one for on the go, one in the dishwasher, and a spare for a guest. Then, she multiples three by the number of people in her home, which is four. Altogether, she needs to keep 12 cups. Anything over that number has to go.


A little bit of pre-planning can make the decision-making process easier #organisingtips #organizingtiktok #getorganised

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Your magic number will vary based on the item you’re decluttering. You might need more than three pairs of shoes, for example. Whatever number you decide is necessary is up to you, but you will still need to keep the boundary firmly in place. That’ll take some resolve, but with some willpower, you can narrow down your stuff.

Ready to declutter with the magic number now? Go for it, but don’t forget this planning step.

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