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What Is the Surface Sweep Declutter Method?

A kitchen counter is cluttered.
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No matter how hard you worked to declutter and organize your home, stuff always seems to accumulate. There’s a quick, everyday trick that might help.

The surface sweep decluttering method takes just a few moments and will help prevent all that junk from piling up again.

What is the method exactly? Well, it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You visually sweep the surfaces in your home for clutter—think junk mail, keys, dirty cups, or miscellaneous clothes—and then set aside a few minutes to put them in their correct place.

To make the process a bit easier—and to prevent yourself from going a little overboard on the “quick” declutter—grab a box and take a quick spin around your home, adding stuff to the box as you go. Then, once everything is off surfaces, go back around and place the items in their proper place. By utilizing the box, you’ll be able to clean up quickly and know when to quit.

The trick with this method is ensuring that you’ve got organizational systems in place before undertaking the surface sweep. After all, if there’s no designated place for your junk mail or keys, there’s no place to put it once you’ve cleaned off your countertops.

If you haven’t established those spaces but do want to try the surface sweep, a home drop zone might be your first step.

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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