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How to Care for Wooden Utensils According to TikTok

A woman coats her utensils in oil and bakes them.
Alyssa Barber/TikTok

Taking care of your kitchen tools ensures you’ll have them long-term, saving you cash and creating less waste, and it turns out, your wooden utensils are particularly easy to care for.

TikTok content creator Alyssa Barber showcased how you can use coconut oil and your oven to make your wooden utensils look as good as new and prolong their life.

You’ve probably noticed that your utensils start to lose their original color and finish over time. Typically, it’s due to drying out, but a quick application of coconut oil is the solution. Barber warms up a large scoop in the microwave until it’s liquid (you can also use mineral oil). Then, with a cloth rag, she polishes her wooden utensils until they have a light shine.

You can then let them sit for 24 hours or bake them for a quick two minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Let them cool, and you’ll see their original color return and any brittle bits moisturized.


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While this hack can prolong the life of your utensils, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to keep them forever. They should last for a year or more but look for signs of obvious wear and tear like splitting and cracks. That’s when you’ve got to get a new set, and when you do, make sure you wash them by hand as exposure to high temperature in dishwashers can damage them.

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Whether you’re now planning to have a pamper session for your wooden spoons or looking for a replacement, don’t forget about these must-have kitchen tools that every chef should have.

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