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21 New Books to Fall in Love with in February 2022

Three book covers: "Black Cake," "The Nineties" and "Find Your People"
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February is the month of amour, so why not fall in love with a brand-new book (or three)? There’s more than just romance on the new-release table, though. Sure, there are some heartwarming love stories coming out, but you’ll also find suspenseful thrillers, intriguing tales that make you think, and some nonfiction that attempts to answer some big questions.

Here are some new releases to sink into next month, while you enjoy those Valentine’s Day bonbons:

Lease on Love

It was bound to happen sometime: a comedy about accidentally mixing up two very different kinds of apps. When a woman drunkenly confuses a dating app with a roommate-finder app, she winds up impulsively signing a lease on a beautiful brownstone—and maybe accidentally finding love. Release Date: Feb. 1.

The Family Chao: A Novel

In a quiet Wisconsin town, the secretive Chao family runs a restaurant. When the family patriarch is murdered, all eyes turn on the surviving members of the family. As attention intensifies and a trial looms, the victim’s sons are forced to address the secrets they’ve been hiding, and which of them had a motive for murder. Release Date: Feb. 1.

This Woven Kingdom

An epic poem from Persian mythology gets the fantasy novel treatment in this first book of Tahereh Mafi’s new trilogy. In a universe where the powerful and magical Jinn are forced to suppress their power for the sake of humans, Alizeh tries to eke out a living as a servant, while hiding her true identity. Her efforts are in vain, however, as she’s soon swept up in a court of prophecies, princes, kingdoms, and revolutions, all of which are intertwined with her own history. Release Date: Feb. 1.

Dilla Time: The Life and Afterlife of J Dilla, the Hip-Hop Producer Who Reinvented Rhythm

You might not know his name, but you’ve heard music influenced by the work of late hip-hop producer, J Dilla. In this biography by Dan Charnas, Dilla’s life and work are examined, along with his influence on Black-led musical movements in soul, jazz, hip-hop, and more. Release Date: Feb. 1.

Ramón and Julieta

Great food and epic romance—what’s not to love in Alana Quintana Albertson’s new book? After a star-crossed first meeting on the Day of the Dead, two would-be lovers discover a family feud over a recipe that dates back generations. As they struggle with their attraction and their families’ mutual loathing, there will soon be bigger fish to fry. Fast-food is threatening to take out both their family’s restaurants. Release Date: Feb. 1.

I Must Betray You

Ruta Sepetys’ new thriller takes places in 1989. As communist regimes are falling all around it, Romania is still ruled by a brutal dictator. Cristian, a young man on the cusp of adulthood, is blackmailed by the secret police to become an informant. Will he betray everyone he loves, or find a more creative way to rebel against the dangerous tyrant in power? Release Date: Feb. 1.

Black Cake: A Novel

Two estranged siblings receive an odd inheritance from their late mother: a Caribbean black cake and a voice message. When they listen to the message, they’re shocked by a winding tale of murder, escape, starting over, and family secrets. Together, they can either pursue their newfound history and rebuild their relationship, or lose each other forever. Release Date: Feb. 1.

The Last Grand Duchess: A Novel of Olga Romanov, Imperial Russia, and Revolution

While Anastasia was the one who captured the popular imagination, Olga Romanov, the eldest daughter of the last Russian tsar, has her own story to tell. As a world war and looming revolution shake up her life, Olga enters adulthood, full of hope for a future that will never come. Release Date: Feb. 8.

The Nineties: A Book

It’s strange to realize that the 1990s were three decades ago! Chuck Klosterman’s deep dive breezes past the, sometimes, regrettable fashions and pop culture trends to analyze the moments that defined the decade, many of which are still reverberating today. Release Date: Feb. 8.

Reclaim the Stars: 17 Tales Across Realms & Space

Edited by Zoraida Córdova and written by 17 acclaimed authors, this collection of short stories gives sci-fi and fantasy a Latin American twist. From fairy-tales to futuristic journeys, each story puts a new spin on a classic genre. Release Date: Feb. 15.

Our American Friend: A Novel

What would happen if a former Soviet model was the American First Lady during the Cold War? In this alternate history by Anna Pitoniak, a burnt-out journalist agrees to a request from the mysterious First Lady to write her biography. The reporter soon discovers a tale full of twists and turns that occurred on both sides of the Iron Curtain, and some secrets that have never been revealed—until now. Release Date: Feb. 15.

Artists on Art: How They See, Think & Create

Art can be both fascinating and impenetrable. In this nonfiction collection, quotes and observations from artists provide insights into technique, as well the history, meaning, and feelings created by great art. It can make art more accessible to everyone, even if you’re not a regular at the museum. Release Date: Feb. 15.

A Perfect Equation

Elizabeth Everett’s Victorian romance features a guarded mathematician, a charming nobleman, and a secret society of women determined to complete scientific experiments. Nothing could possibly go wrong—except, of course, it does. Release Date: Feb. 15.

Find Your People: Building Deep Community in a Lonely World

If you’ve been feeling a little lonely over the last few years, you’re not alone. Christian author, Jennie Allen, explores the whys behind our human drive to find community. Then, drawing from science, history, culture, and more, she explores techniques for building community in the modern world. Release Date: Feb. 22.

The Duchess Countess: The Woman Who Scandalized Eighteenth-Century London

Think today’s celebrity culture is scandalous? It’s got nothing on the 18th century! Elizabeth Chudleigh was a noblewoman with a life made for 21st-century headlines. This biography by Catherine Ostler traces Chudleigh’s utterly notorious life, as well as how her scandals intersected with British history, politics, and the power plays of the Georgian era. Release Date: Feb. 22.

I'm So (Not) Over You

Combine the giddy fun of the fake-dating trope with the angst of exes forced to spend time together, and you get this witty new romance from Kosoko Jackson. Two exes pretend they’re still in a relationship to attend a society wedding, and although the things that drove them apart are still very much in play, so are their feelings for each other. Release Date: Feb. 22.

The Lady Tempts an Heir (The Gilded Age Heiresses Book 3)

Can’t wait for the next season of Bridgerton? This Gilded Age romance by Harper St. George should tide you over. A young widow with a painful secret falls in love with the heir to a pushy American industrial dynasty. They fight, fall in love, and struggle to keep it in a world where money rules. Release Date: Feb. 22.

Sentient: How Animals Illuminate the Wonder of Our Human Senses

Jackie Higgins explores the science behind the bond between humans and animals. By studying the sensory capabilities of 13 different species, research has opened up new possibilities for understanding the natural world around us, as well as how much more there is to explore. Release Date: Feb. 22.

The Secret Love Letters of Olivia Moretti (Meet Me in Italy Book 2)

After their mother’s death, three very different sisters discover a secret stash of letters and a hidden past. They head to Italy to find answers. While there, each sister also confronts her own path. They face make-or-break moments in their careers and relationships—including their relationship with each other. Release Date: Feb. 22.

Delilah Green Doesn't Care

Cinderella gets a new twist in this small-town tale by Ashley Herring Blake. After fleeing her hometown (and her cold stepfamily), Delilah agrees to return to photograph her stepsister’s wedding for a hefty paycheck. When she runs into one of her stepsister’s stuck-up friends, Delilah makes a plan for a bit of revenge, but gets way more than she bargained for. Release Date: Feb. 22.

The Paris Apartment: A Novel

In Lucy Foley’s new thriller, a broke, out-of-work woman arrives in Paris to stay with her half-brother temporarily. However, all she finds is an unexpectedly high-end, empty apartment. As she tries to find her missing brother, she slowly realizes everyone in the apartment building is hiding something, and that she might be in some serious danger. Release Date: Feb. 22.

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