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Coffee Peeps Are a Thing This Year

A pack of Peeps has k-cups on the front.

Each year, it seems like Peeps won’t be able to top their previous innovation. Somehow, they keep creating new, interesting takes on their gooey marshmallow snack. This year is no different.

Coffee-flavored Peeps are the latest taste profile from the company, and the brand is teaming up with the popular brand Donut Shop to make sure the taste is just right.

The Easter candy and the coffee brand aren’t just launching one Peep, though. There are two coming fans’ ways. The first is a classic Peep that’s been infused with the Donut Shop’s famous original coffee flavor. The second—the Coffee Caramel Mocha Peep—is the real standout, a Peep filled with creamy caramel and dipped in chocolate.

The Peeps are available in stores now, and you can use the Peeps’ locator to find where exactly to get your hands on this new take on an old favorite. Let’s be honest, nothing says Easter more than Peeps—even if you hate them.

Caitline Servian, brand manager for Peeps, said in a press release that the candy’s latest evolution is part of a larger tradition for parents and grandparents passing down their own Easter memories to their children.

“In 2022, we’re kicking off the Spring season earlier than ever to provide fans with the perfect mix of classic Chicks and Bunnies, along with trending new flavors,” said Servian. “There is something for family traditions throughout the season!”

If you’ve been patiently awaiting the first signs of spring, Peeps’ return is just what you needed.

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