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30 Water Bottles That Are Both Functional & Fun

Three different water bottles feature different designs.

We all know we should drink more water. From improving gut health to making your complexion glow, good old aqua is basically a miracle drink, even if some (most) of us don’t drink enough of it. If you want to up your H2O intake this year, we’ve found some of the coolest-looking water bottles out there.

Staying hydrated requires a quality water bottle, especially if you’re also looking to reduce waste. So, why not invest in one you don’t mind carrying around? After all, who says function can’t also be fun? These water bottles will help you stay hydrated and look good sitting on your desk.

Glass Water Bottles

Three water bottles made from glass.

Switching from purchasing packs of bottled water to a reusable glass bottle is a fantastic and easy way to make a more sustainable hydration choice. Plus, glass bottles are typically prettier and dishwasher-safe. Some even claim they make water taste better.

If you prefer glass bottles, here are some of our favorites:

purifyou Premium 32 oz Reusable Glass Water Bottles

Volume markings, an easy-grip sleeve, and multiple colors? We're sold!

bkr Big Smooth Grace

Chic, sleek, and holds up to 32 ounces.

Ferexer 32 oz Glass Water Bottle with Straw

Not only do you get a straw and carrying case, but the bamboo details are gorgeous.

W&P Porter Glass Water Bottle w/ Protective Silicone Sleeve

Confetti-covered and perfect for your party water.

Kodrine 24 oz Glass Water Bottle with Bamboo Straw and Lid

Super for water or coffee and available in multiple colors and patterns.

Crystal Elixir Infused Gem Water Bottle

Whether you believe in the power of crystals or not, it's leak-proof and gorgeous.

Oversized Water Bottles

Three oversized water bottles in an ombre pattern, floral design, and purple shade.

Those with serious hydration goals will likely want a larger bottle. If you’ve had trouble finding a one-gallon jug that’s not made of plain, boring plastic you’d never want to tote around, we got you!

From cute bottle covers with functional straps to ombré-hued plastic, here are some of the more aesthetically pleasing oversized water bottles we found:

Venture Pal One Gallon Motivational BPA Free Leakproof Water Bottle

The handy timer on this ombré-style bottle will keep you motivated.

Fimibuke Half Gallon Water Bottle with Sleeve

Head out on a hike with this handy shoulder strap carrier that comes in floral patterns, cheetah print, and black camo.

Hydracy Water Bottle with Time Marker

Infuse your water with fruit in this minimalist, but colorful 64-ouncer.

IRON °FLASK Sports Water Bottle

Durable, sleek, and ideal for those aiming for a gallon per day.

Arc Bottle Water Bottle with Time Marker

Simple but sleek, with time markers.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw Lid

Stainless-steel construction, with straws, a leak-proof lid, and a cool color selection? We'll take two!

Filtered Water Bottles

Three people using water bottles with filters.

Do you consistently forget to fill up your Brita pitcher? Haven’t gotten around to installing a water filter on your sink? If one of the latter situations applies to you, then a filtered water bottle is the answer.

All of these bottles have filters to purify tap water and look good while they’re doing it:

Brita Water Bottle with Filter

Speaking of the Brita pitcher, the company makes bottles, too.

Bobble Classic Water Bottle

We dare you to tell us the brightly-hued filter isn't adorable.

GRAYL GeoPress 24 oz Water Purifier Bottle

Yes, it's pricy, but it can purify water from anywhere, including a stream if you're camping.

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle with Two-Stage Integrated Filter

You'll never be without water or style if you grab one of these.

UVBrite Go Self-Cleaning UV Water Bottle

Small and portable, with a cool UV light filter.

Bottles with Straws

Three water bottles feature straws.
HydrateOne/Kate Spade/Simple Modern

Most of us drink more through a straw, which is fantastic if you’re trying to up your daily hydration. Whether you’re looking for a more casual water bottle to sip from throughout the day, or you just hate unscrewing a top, we’ve got some options for you.

From flip-up straws to more laid-back tumbler designs, you’re sure to love one of these cute pieces of drinkware:

Simple Modern Classic Insulated Tumbler with Straw and Flip Lid

On-the-go hydration has never looked better.

1616 Holdings Studded Venti Tumbler

Missed out on those viral Starbucks tumblers? Get this dupe instead.

Simple Modern Water Bottle with Straw Lid Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Metal Thermos

Insulated to keep your water cold. Comes in multiple colors and patterns with a flip-up straw.

HydrateOne 32 Oz Tritan Water Bottle

Science lovers, this one's for you.

Reduce 24 oz Mug Tumbler

Grab that handle and go.

Stainless-Steel Water Bottles

A stainless steel bottle sits on a desk, a woman holds a yellow bottle, and multiple canteen-shaped bottles sit on mats.
S’well/Hydro Flask/Corkcicle

Those who are particularly rough on their water bottles might want to consider stainless steel. These durable, sturdy containers are just as eco-friendly and convenient as plastic and glass, only you won’t have to worry about them shattering when they’re, inevitably, dropped.

Many also feature insulated walls to keep your drinks cold or hot, so you can use them for water one day, and coffee or tea the next. Here are some of our fave stainless-steel options:

CIVAGO 20oz Tumbler with Lid and Straw

For those who want versatility.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

There's a reason the Hydro Flask is, well, the Hydro Flask.

S'well Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The fun patterns and wide-mouths make this the go-to brand for many water guzzlers.

Corkcicle Canteen

Classic canteen look.

HidrateSpark STEEL Smart Water Bottle

It glows. Need we say more?

Whether you’ve set new hydration or sustainability goals for yourself this year, function doesn’t have to trump fashion when it comes to your water bottle. Now, get to chugging!

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