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You Can Use a Broom to Clean Your Bathtub

A woman cleans a bath tub.
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No one likes fighting through soap scum on their knees in the bathtub. As it turns out, though, you’ve already got the solution right in your pantry.

You can clean your tub with dish soap and a broom.

Yes, this does sound odd, and it comes with a sizable caveat that it might not be great for porcelain, stone, or other delicate bathtub finishes, but if it prevents the back pain associated with scrubbing, isn’t it worth it?

To use this trick, you’ll liberally apply dish soap all over your tub. Then, using your broom, begin to sweep and scrub. Because dish soap is designed to cut through grease as well as food waste and is made with surfactants, it’ll also be able to take out soap scum and hard water stains. Once you’re doing scrubbing, rinse as usual, and your tub should be clean.

There are limitations to this hack. The broom won’t be able to get into corners as well as a sponge, so you’ll likely still need to keep one on hand, but it will make your overall scrubbing duties a lot less labor-intensive thanks to the long handle. For those times when you need to get rid of stubborn mold or mildew, you might want to try some bleach and baking soda instead.

The next time you’ve got to clean your bathroom, you might want to grab your broom instead of a sponge.

[Via Taste of Home]

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