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Our Favorite Rubbermaid Storage Containers Are 25% Off

Food is placed inside of plastic containers.

There are a lot of benefits to meal prepping, but the one downside is stacking all that darn food in your fridge. We’ve got a solution for you, and it’s on sale.

Our favorite set of Rubbermaid storage is on sale for 25% off, and this 14-piece collection will take care of all your food prep and storage woes.

As we mentioned, the set features a whopping 14 different containers, and you’ll get six sizes: two half-cup, one 1.25 cup, two 2- cup, four 3-cup, two 5-cup, and two 7-cup containers plus their lids. According to Lowell Heddings, our very own founder and CEO, it’s those tops that make these containers so handy. Not only do they seal tight to prevent spills, but they nest into one another so that you can easily stack the containers in your fridge and keep the lids together when they aren’t in use.

Rubbermaid Meal Prep Premier Food Storage Container

Keep leftovers fresh and meal prep organized.

Currently, these Rubbermaid containers (that we can’t seem to get enough of) are 25% off on Amazon. The sale has brought their price down to under $34 which means each container is just over $2 each. Yes, basically they’re a steal.

If you’re meal prepping in the new year or just need the perfect leftover container, this Amazon Rubbermaid sale is a must-shop.

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