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Your Work Routine Might Be Derailing Your Productivity

A woman eats breakfast while working.

From morning routines to workout routines, having a set of activities or habits can be a good thing. When it comes to your work life, though, that routine might not be nearly as helpful.

Alice Boyes, PhD, a psychologist, explained that trying to lock yourself into a work routine can actually backfire when it comes to your productivity.

Boyes said sticking too rigidly to your work routine can get you into a rut that blunts your productivity as it prevents you from being creative. Switching up your workday to include small personal projects can help make you more productive overall. Boyes even recommends small challenges like no-buy days or zero-waste goals in order to break up your days.

While these methods might not have you eating breakfast an hour later or choosing to workout on your lunch break, they do provide something different about your workday. Boyes explained that’s what can spark creativity and get you out of a rut.

That doesn’t mean having a routine is always a bad thing. In fact, morning routines can help you incorporate new habits like working out or eating breakfast into your life, and night routines are a great way to add self-care into your life.

If you’re experiencing burnout at work, you might want to switch things up.

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