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20 Drawer Organizers Under $30 for Stashing Those Odds and Ends

Three products recommended in the article below including brands like Criusia, Lynk Professional, STORi.
Criusia/Lynk Professional/STORi

Don’t you just love shuffling through tons of random loose items in a drawer to find a pen? Yeah, neither do we. If you’re over it, you can get those drawers in order in no time with one of these handy, affordable organizers.

Of course, the biggest expense when it comes to drawer organization is time. However, it’s a small investment to be liberated from the frustrating feeling of never being able to find anything. From disheveled socks to countless paper clips sliding around in your office desk, there’s an organizer for that!

How to Choose the Right Drawer Organizer

A Pipishell bamboo organizer placed in a large kitchen drawer.

Every household has at least one junk drawer. If you’re like us, you have one in every room, filled with way too many odds and ends to count. But it’s time to put an end to this disarrayed madness and get organized!

Before you can find the right organizer, though, you’ll have to measure the drawer in question, so you can find one that’ll fit. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as ordering what you think is the perfect drawer organizer, only to discover it’s too big. An organizer that’s too small isn’t any better, as it will slide all over the drawer whenever you open it.

That’s why, before you select a drawer organizer, you’ll want to keep the following factors in mind:

  • Measure the drawer(s): Again, measurements are a necessity. Be sure to jot down every drawer’s length, width, and height before you start organizer shopping.
  • A fixed or adjustable organizer: If you can’t find a fixed-size organizer that will perfectly fit in your drawer, you’ll have to go with an adjustable option. Just make sure all of its measurements (including the height) will fit in your drawer.
  • Which material will work best: Organizers are made out of just about everything, including plastic, wood, metal, and even glass. Before selecting one, think about what you plan to store in it, and whether the material will work for those items. For example, if you often throw wet razors or hair combs in a bathroom drawer, a wooden organizer isn’t a good idea.

Now that you know what to consider before selecting a drawer organizer, let’s secure all those loose items for good!

For Kitchen Drawers

Two products recommended in that article including brands like W Selections and Lynk Professional.
W Selections/Lynk Professional

Organizing even the smallest of kitchens can be a huge task, but a great place to start is (you guessed it!) with that set of drawers.

Between serving utensils, gadgets, spices, and cutlery, kitchen drawers can quickly become a recipe for disaster. If yours are pretty chaotic these days, fear not! These organizers will help you whip those kitchen drawers into shape:

Pipishell Expandable Utensils Organizer

Get it in natural bamboo, white or black.

Joseph Joseph Compact Cutlery Organizer

Create more space beyond cutlery, thanks to this unique design and compact size.

Eltow Plastic Expandable Utensil Holder

Nonslip, easy to clean, and adjusts up to 23.75-inches wide.

mDesign Stackable Drawer Organizer

Stackable to create more storage in deep drawers.

Lynk Professional Spice Rack Tray

Never go digging through the spice rack again!

W Selections Bamboo Knife Holder

The perfect alternative to a bulky countertop knife block.

Skywin Refridgerator Egg Drawer

Lose the bulky cardboard container.

For Your Home Office

Two products in the article including brands like mDesign and COZYWELL.

Working from home looks different for everyone. Whether you have the space to use an entire room as your home office or not, you probably still have a desk and place to store important papers.

Because you spend most of every day in your home office space, you want it to be as comfortable as possible, which means making everything you need easily accessible. One way to make things a bit more orderly is by purchasing a drawer organizer or two. These selections will help you solve that clutter crisis forever:

Backerysupply Interlocking Desk Drawer Organizer

Interlock to create a custom fit.

Madesmart Original Junk Drawer Organizer

Two levels and 15 individual compartments.

mDesign Plastic Office Organizer Bin

Ideal for deep or filing drawers you don't use for filing.

For Your Dresser

Two bedroom drawer organizers reccomended including brands like Criusia and StarratS

Even if you always fold your laundry before putting it away, it doesn’t take long for those dresser drawers to become a big old mess again. Tired of dealing with unfolded tees, mismatched socks, and scattered underwear in your dresser drawers?

Tackling clutter is a time-consuming task, whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Luckily, the following drawer organizers were made specifically to help you keep your clothing and accessories tidy:

Criusia 8-Pack Drawer Organizer

Foldable, made of cloth, and perfect for keeping clothing sorted.

Washable Wardrobe Organizer, Pack of Three

Versatile, space-saving solution.

JONYJ Drawer Dividers Four-Pack

Adjustable, so you can design your own compartments.

StarratS Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

Perfect for socks, ties, underwear, and belts. You can also use it for jewelry or makeup.

For Bathroom Drawers

Two bathroom drawer organizers reccomened including brands like STORi and Weiai.

The bathroom is a sacred space for many of us. Between taking showers, brushing our teeth, applying makeup, and styling our hair, many of us spend several hours in there every day.

Because most of us are also usually in a rush, it’s easy to just toss items on the counter, rather than putting them where they go. This means the bathroom is often home to more than a few disorganized drawers. But that’s why these organizers will really come in handy:

Simple Houseware Under Sink Basket Drawer

For those who need an extra drawer in the bathroom.

STORi Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers

Perfect for makeup, jewelry, shaving accessories, hair ties, and more.

Lifewit Drawer Organizer Set

You can store just about everything in this transparent, 25-piece set.

FAJ Makeup Organizer

Eight compartments for storing palettes, brushes, lipsticks, and more.

Weiai Clear Makeup Organizer

Perfect for storing everything from compacts and blushes, to eyeshadows and lipsticks.

If you’re sick of never being able to find what you’re looking for in cluttered drawers, it’s time to end the madness for good! These organizers will help you tidy up every drawer, in every room. Of course, then, it’s time to get started on that messy closet.

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