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Why Keeping a Bag by Your Door Helps You Declutter

A woman sits in a room full of clutter.

One of the worst parts of decluttering is how daunting the process can seem. However, according to one expert, there’s a way around it.

Melanie Gnau, a small living expert, says keeping a bag by your front door can help eliminate the need for those weekend-long declutter sessions.

As you tidy during the day, grab items that you see around the house that you’re not using or have been meaning to donate. Toss it in the bag and move on. When it’s full, simply take it to your local donation center.

“By constantly evaluating the things in your home, you’re less likely to need those big, weekend-long decluttering sessions.,” said Gnau.

DALIX 22 Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

A sturdy canvas bag is a great option.

The container doesn’t necessarily have to be a bag, either. You can opt for a wicker basket or another, more decorative piece to match your décor. You can even have more than one container. After all, especially used or worn items shouldn’t be donated, but you can have a second option for recyclables. The same rule will apply. Once full, it’s time to head to your local recycling center.

If you conquered your major declutter as part of your new year’s resolutions and want to keep it up, this bag method could be the way to go.

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