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This Is the Secret to Creamy Eggs, According to Wolfgang Puck

Eggs are placed in a bowl, cooked, and added on top of bread.
Wolfgang Puck/TikTok

Everyone likes their scrambled eggs a certain way. If you fall into the camp that prefers a smooth and creamy French-style, Wolfgang Puck has a trick for you.

According to the world-renowned chef, adding an egg yolk to your finished scrambled eggs makes them even creamier.

Obviously, if you’ve got hesitations about putting a raw yolk into your breakfast, skip this step, but if you want Puck’s official recipe, that’s his secret. He even recorded the entire process with his son for TikTok.

In the video, the pair start by cracking three eggs into a bowl. As his son beats them together, Puck hollows out a croissant which will serve as the finished product’s plate. Next, he adds a bit of heavy cream to the eggs before placing both olive oil and butter into a pan. When the butter has melted, the chef empties the eggs into the pan and tells his son to continually stir the eggs.

Once they’ve started to solidify, he takes them off the eye and keeps stirring. Now, it’s time for the yolk. Puck drops a single yolk into the eggs, mixes them all together, and spoons them into the croissants for a delicious-looking breakfast.


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Puck isn’t the only recognizable chef with strong opinions on scrambled eggs, though. Gordon Ramsey also has a particular technique that alternates removing the cooking eggs from the heat source in order to make them extra fluffy. Of course, you can always try our very own Emilee Unterkoefler‘s recipe which calls for one unexpected ingredient.

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