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These Are the Wildest Parts of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Home Tour

Gwyneth Paltrow stands in her entryway.
Architectural Digest/YouTube

Celebrities are just like us! Okay, that’s not true, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Architectural Digest home tour kind of proves it.

The actress escorted the famed home interiors glossy around her home showcasing some of her favorite features, and yes, the home is beautiful. Paltrow explained that her home takes inspiration from Georgian design and proportions as well as her time in Europe and blends both classic and contemporary design elements.

While AD has conducted several celebrity home tours, there’s something special about Paltrow’s. She is, after all, the mind behind the now-iconic website Goop, and the curiosity regarding what exactly is in her house (vagina candle, anyone?) is real, so what were some of the wildest moments?

Staub Collection

Cast iron cookware sits under a kitchen island.
Architectural Digest/YouTube

Yes, Paltrow’s house is probably worth more money than we’ll see in our entire lives, so an entire collection of cast-iron Staub cookware shouldn’t be quite so shocking. However, those dutch ovens retail for around $200 each for the smaller sizes, and the larger options can go as high as $600. As for those stacked skillets, they’re a cool $250. Altogether, you’re looking at someone’s salary for a month or two hanging out under that island.

Staub Cast Iron 13-inch Double Handle Fry Pan

Well, if you always wanted to cook like Paltrow, here's your chance.

Marble Bar

A bar is made from marble.
Architectural Digest/YouTube

When we say that Paltrow has a marble bar, we mean that she actually has an entire bar made from marble. Paltrow explained in the video that the piece was inspired by a jade design she saw online, but she and her designer took the idea in a more modern direction. She even went to the stone yard to choose the marble for the piece. While we can’t all have giant pieces of marble specially carved and molded to suit our bar needs, we do have some great bar cart options for you.

At-Home Spa

Cream-hued tile decorates an at-home spa with two pools.
Architectural Digest/YouTube

Arguably the most impressive part of Paltrow’s abode is her at-home spa. This isn’t just a really nice bathroom with a big tub. The actor’s oasis features a cold plunge, hot tub, and sauna plus showers with stunning bronze hardware that were all inspired by a spa in France. The space is so stunning that even she called it the most “incredible” part of the home. While sure, it’s extravagant, Paltrow makes a good point in her tour explaining that she is known for her love of wellness.

If you want to check out Paltrow’s full home tour, you can check it out on YouTube above. While sure, we can’t craft our own marble bars or at-home spas, there’s always an emotional escape room.

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