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Make Heart-Shaped Cupcakes With This Easy Hack

A person uses tins to make heart-shaped cupcakes.
Taste of Home/TikTok

While your mind might be on dips, wings, and beer thanks to the upcoming Super Bowl, there’s another food-centric event coming as well: Valentine’s Day. If you’ve got to make food for your kiddo’s school event or a Galentine’s Day party, this hack is perfect.

Thanks to the Taste of Home TikTok account, you can make heart-shaped cupcakes with nothing more than a liner.

While you’ve likely seen heart-shaped bakeware, if you’re not constantly baking heart-shaped items, you don’t really need it (unless you want one, and then, by all means, go for it). The easier solution is to use a foil cupcake liner and a classic cupcake tray to hack your way to the heart-shaped dessert.

Gifbera Standard Silver Foil Cupcake Liners

These liners also come in multiple colors.

In the video, the baker takes an aluminum foil tin and folds a divet in the top, pointing toward the center. They then shape the edges so that they stay rounded and form a heart. Next, the liner is placed into a traditional cupcake tin, filled with batter, and baked. When they come out, they’re perfectly heart-shaped and all you need to do is add icing.


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While the cupcakes are a fun Valentine’s Day treat, you’ve still got time to celebrate the holiday in other ways, too. Michaels is offering free crafting classes, and you can always try making one of these fun craft projects (without needing to signup for a course). Then, there are the other delicious treats you can make as well.

No matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day, there’s still plenty of time to add an extra activity or two.

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