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8 Fun Workout Accessories to Try If You’re Bored with Your Routine

A woman using core slders, a woman using an ab roller wheel, and a man using gymnastics rings

If you’ve been working out at home over the last few years, you might be really tired of the exercise routines you’ve been limited to in your home gym. Fortunately, you don’t have to invest in a treadmill or sign up for an expensive gym membership to shake things up. These affordable exercise accessories can shake up your routine, and even make your workouts fun!

A Weighted Hula-Hoop

A blue weighted hula hoop

You probably remember Hula-Hoops from your childhood. If you want to rediscover the whimsy—and get a great workout in the process—check out weighted Hula-Hoops. As you probably guessed from the name, they’re the same as a regular hoop, but with weights added to provide more resistance.

This model by Dumoyi is designed a bit differently, but still requires the same hip motions to operate. This hoop will give you an intense cardio workout that will also sculpt your core. It’s also low-impact and good for people who have joint pain, or those who can’t handle something like HIIT routines or running.

Dumoyi Smart Weighted Fit Hoop

Have fun and tone your waist.

A Bulgarian Bag

A brown Bulgarian Bag
Bulgarian Bag

A Bulgarian bag is a crescent-shaped, weighted bag that can be used for a variety of different exercises. It works similarly to a sandbag but the half-moon shape makes it more comfortable to throw over your shoulders. Compared to free weights, a Bulgarian bag can be a safer way to train many muscles in your body.

This bag comes in 13 different sizes with three different handles for each to allow for a variety of movements. It even comes with an instructional video, which shows you how to wear it over your shoulders for squats, swing it instead of a kettlebell, or use it for overhead presses.

Bulgarian Bag

Works your entire body.

Gymnastic Rings

A woman and a man use gymnastics rings in a gym

If you’re an avid gymnastics-watcher during the Olympics, a set of rings might be the perfect addition to your home gym. These can be installed in- or outside to a sturdy ceiling joist or tree branch. They’re easy to hang and adjustable, so you can find the ideal height for you.

Made of textured plastic to reduce slippage, they’re also durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather. These versatile gym accessories allow you to perform a variety of upper-body movements, including pull- and push-ups, dips, and rows. You might get so hooked on them, you actually start looking forward to your workout.

NAYOYA Gymnastic Rings

Become a gymnast in your own home (or at least feel like one).

A Boxing Bag

A black punching bag

There are many reasons to add a boxing workout to your exercise routine. Not only is it a fantastic full-body workout, but it also improves balance and hand-eye coordination. It also strengthens your core and gives you a good dose of cardio.

There are several types of boxing bags you can use at home, but the most common is a hanging or heavy bag. You attach it to the ceiling, or some models come with a stand. This 100-pound hanging model is made by Nevatear—one of the most respected brands in the martial arts industry.

It’s a good choice for beginners, but keep in mind, you should choose a bag that’s about half your body weight for the best results.

Nevatear Training Bag

Sturdy and the right weight for many adults.

Core Sliders

A woman exercises in a dark room

Core sliders are the minimalistic exercise accessories you never knew you needed. These small discs slide easily on the floor and allow you to engage in a variety of low-impact movements that work your arms, legs, and core.

This set can be used on any type of flooring, thanks to their dual-sided design, which allows them to work with minimal friction on hardwood, carpet, and more. If you have bad knees, you can use these to help you slowly slide into a side squat.

Want to work your core but hate regular crunches? Hover in a plank position with your toes on these sliders and use them to move your feet in and out for an ab-burning workout.

Exercise Core Sliders

Slide your way to fitness.

Ab Roller Wheel

A woman uses an ab roller wheel
Amazon Basics

Speaking of a great ab-burning workout, this is another device that’s a fun way to shake up your exercise routine. The odd-looking ab roller wheel might look easy enough to use, but you’ll be surprised at how difficult it can be.

Balancing yourself on your knees, place your hands on the handles on either side of the roller wheel, and then slowly roll your body forward. The farther out you roll, the harder your abs and arms have to work. You’ll want to take it slow, however, as you’ll most likely be sore after the first few times you use your wheel.

Abdominal and Core Exercise Workout Roller Wheel

Work those abs in a brand-new way.

Zumba Fitness DVD Set

A Zumba Fitness DVD set
Zumba Fitness

Remember the Zumba craze of the 2010s? If not, Zumba is a fitness program built from Latin-inspired dances. It’s catchy, fun, and guaranteed to make you break a sweat. This set includes four DVDs packed with workout videos.

You can choose from several different workouts and a long list of songs with easy-to-follow instructions for every routine. The set also comes with two toning sticks to help you sculpt your muscles while you dance.

A Folding Trampoline

Someone jumps on a small trampoline

If you have tall ceilings or an open backyard, you might want to consider getting a trampoline. Like the weighted Hula-Hoop we included earlier in our list, this will give you a workout that’s reminiscent of your childhood. This is another option that’s so much fun, you’ll probably forget you’re working out in the first place.

This folding trampoline is compact, making it ideal for your home gym. Although you’ll be bouncing up and down, the tension in this model gives you a low-impact workout that’s also perfect for anyone who experiences minor joint pain. This product supports up to 250 pounds and is easy to assemble and put away.

Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

Get in a great cardio workout that's actually fun!

Working out at home has many benefits, but it’s easy to get bored if you do the same old routine every day. These exercise tools and accessories can shake up your routine and make working out fun again, which, of course, means you’re far more likely to stick with it.

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