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20 Planners for People Who Hate Traditional Planners

A person writes on a fridge whiteboard, corkboard calendar, and a person writes on a desk calendar,
MC Squares/U Suck/Zicoto

Sure, it’s already mid-February, but it’s never too late to get organized. However, not everyone loves traditional planners. Digging around in a bag for one or keeping one open on your desk makes quick-referencing pretty much impossible. Luckily, though, there are some modern options for those who hate traditional planners.

Just because you don’t want to take an hour each week to bullet journal or flip through page after page to get to today’s date doesn’t mean you can’t use a planner. Any of these alternatives will give you a quick, easy, and highly visible way to keep your schedule in order, without a bulky notebook.


A monthly calendar is on a wall, a collection of planners is on a fridge, and three white boards are on a wall.
JILoffice/MC Squares/Atobart

A dry-erase board is one of the best solutions if you have a paper-planner aversion. First, they’re sustainable, thanks to their multiuse design. Plus, you can stick a magnetic version on your fridge or hang one in your office, and then all you have to do is look up to see your appointments.

If you’d prefer the option to quick-erase your schedule each week, one of these boards will do the trick:

mc squares Reusable Planning Whiteboards 10-Piece Planning Bundle

Plan menus, or jot down plans or to-do lists right on your fridge.

JILoffice Large Dry Erase Calendar Whiteboard

See your whole monthly plan in a glance.

Quartet Dry Erase Calendar Board

Plan up to four months in advance.

Atobart Black Wood Frame Note Board Set of 3

Because, sometimes, one just isn't enough.

Cinch! Magnetic Dry Erase Weekly Calendar

Keep it simple and plan one week at a time.

Customized Notepads

A calendar tracks a week at a night, another keeps up with a day, and the final calendar features rainbow days of the week.
bloom/Sweetzer and Orange/Oriday

Just because you’re not a fan of traditional planners doesn’t mean you have to rule out paper altogether. From lists to weekly calendars, specialized notepads offer a simplified way to plan. You can even sit many of them right on your desk to easily jot things down as they come up.

From calendars to lists and everything in-between, these customized notepads will help you keep track of it all:

Sweetzer & Orange Daily Planner 2021

Get your priorities in order.

Nokingo To Do List Notepad

Sometimes, simple is best.

Goody Farm Daily Planner Notepad To Do Schedule

From habits to lists, this notepad does it all.

Oriday Weekly Calendar

Plan and add a pop of color.


Three corkboards are placed in offices
U Brands/U Suck/Quartet

When it comes to less traditional planning options, a corkboard is the best option for organized chaos. You can pin event tickets, bills, or reminders to it, and of course, you can get creative and add some sentimental photos.

If you also want a calendar, we’ve included some hybrid options along with the rest of our corkboard picks below:

Excello Global Products Wall Board Combo

It's a corkboard, weekly calendar, and magnet board all in one!

U Brands Magnetic Dry Erase and Cork Weekly Calendar Board

Hybrid planning, here you come, with this board.

Mildwoo White Board Cork Board Combo

Have roommates? Keep things private.

Suck UK Cork Whiteboard Weekly Planner

Keep your bills, tickets, and memos organized by week.

Desktop Calendars

A whiteboard calendar is in front of a desk, a woman writes in a desktop calendar, and a person points to a date.

Finally, there are plenty of options when it comes to desktop calendars. From whiteboards that sit in front of your computer screen to paper calendars that rest under your keyboard, desktop calendars give you quick access to your schedule. They also provide an ultra-convenient place to jot down notes.

No matter which you choose, all of these pieces will give you excellent scheduling options:

Zicoto Aesthetic Greenery Desk Calendar

Add some botanical elements to your desk.

NUOBESTY 2022 Desktop Calendar

Basic, but still sleek and modern.

If you never got into the whole bullet journaling thing or traditional planners, but still need a way to keep track of your day, one of these alternatives is sure to be perfect for you!

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