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Dial Launched Concentrated Refillable Hand Soap

Someone places concentrated soap into a dispenser.

Making more sustainable choices can be difficult in a world full of single-use plastics. Dial is helping make it a bit easier with its newest launch.

The new Dial Soap Foaming Hang Wash Concentrated Refills will help you cut down on plastic use and keep your hand hygiene on point.

To get started using the new launch, you’ll need to grab the brand’s starter pack. Inside, you’ll find a bottle and pump as well as three concentrated packs of soap in an aloe scent. Once you’ve got the kit, fill it with tap water, add one of the concentrated packets, and flip it upside down three to five times to combine. Now, you’ve got a bottle full of hand soap ready to go and two refills standing by. When the refills are done, you simply play replacement concentrates in one of three scents—aloe, lavender, or sea breeze—and refill your bottle.

By using the concentrated refills, you’ll use 95% less plastic than if you went out and bought an entirely new bottle, and the cartons that the refills come in are made with 100% paper-based cardboard. The packets can also be recycled through a partnership Dial has crafted with TerraCycle.

If you want to replace your current soap, you can head to the Dial website to search availability online and in your area for the new concentrate refills, and don’t forget the right ways to wash your hands.

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