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This Clever TikTok Hack Helps You Avoid Impulse Purchases

A candle sits on a shelf, and then in a cart.
Leslie Hatch Gail/TikTok

We’ve all been moseying along at Target, spotted an item, and immediately had to have it. Those impulse purchases, however, can cause some real damage to your cash flow. Thankfully, there’s a hack for figuring out if you really want an item or not.

Content creator Leslie Hatch Gail took to TikTok to showcase how you can isolate your potential impulse buy from its display and make your decision whether or not to purchase it markedly simpler.

In her video, Gail films a row of candles displayed in a rainbow pattern on a Target shelf, and yes, they look incredible. However, Gail explains that instead of looking at a potential candle purchase based on that rainbow display, you remove the one you’re considering. Place it on a separate shelf, and remove any packaging if possible. Once you see the piece isolated, away from its curated display, ask yourself if you still want it. If so, toss it in your cart. If not, put it back on the shelf.


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Gail’s hack isn’t the only example of the way stores are set up to encourage purchasing. In 2019, Joe Perdew, vice president of store design for Target, explained that high ceilings helped people make “holistic decisions” when shopping. This means customers are able to picture items in their own spaces or clothing on their own bodies more readily when ceilings are high. Ultimately, this leads to more purchases.

The next time you feel yourself being drawn to impulse shop, Gail’s hack might be the answer, and if you have the same issue online, this trick might be the answer.

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