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This First Aid Item Could Save Your Plants


Not all of us can have perfectly green thumbs. Sometimes that means your plants get a little worse for wear. Surprisingly, the answer to browning leaves might be in your first aid kit.

Hydrogen peroxide is actually great for your plants, and it’s easy to incorporate into your plant care and maintenance routine. 

According to a study in Agronomy, hydrogen peroxide applied to your plants once a week can help with their growth and mineral accumulation. The study found that by adding the first aid item to plants, their iron, calcium, and potassium levels were improved. How do you incorporate it and hopefully give your plants a little bit of a boost?

The process is pretty simple. You’ll dilute the hydrogen peroxide mixing one part of it with two parts of water. Add the mixture to a spray bottle or watering can and water your plant as normal, just with the hydrogen peroxide mix. You’ll do this process once a week, and be sure the soil is dry when you do. Keep up the process until your plant is revived and the roots look healthy. Then, if you need to pull out the trick again, you can.

While hydrogen peroxide is a handy trick to add to your plant care routine as needed, there’s another you might be skipping. Find out why you should be aerating your plants here.

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