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Forget Tide Pods, These DIY Cocktail Pods Are Safe and Delicious

two amber-colored cocktail pods on a plate
Cocktail Chemistry Lab

Pretending to eat Tide Pods for internet fame is so 2018. In 2019, you can instead wow your friends with this wild bit of kitchen chemistry that turns your favorite cocktail into a safe-to-eat pod you can pop right in your mouth.

Courtesy of the appropriately named YouTube channel Cocktail Chemistry, this project is pretty neat. The crux of the experiment is using an edible seaweed derivative to create a tasteless container you can tuck the cocktail into. Then you just pop it into your mouth like a giant candy, chomp down, and enjoy the contents.

The example here is amber-colored because that’s the color of the whiskey-based cocktail they used. You could easily mix it up and make brightly colored cocktails for Halloween, though. For additional information, check out the accompanying web page with a list of ingredients, equipment, and some tested recipes to go with the project.

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