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Beyond Jack O’ Lanterns: Incorporating Pumpkins into Your Fall Decor

a beautifully decorated sitting porch with white pumpkins resting beside outdoor chairs
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Pumpkins are a staple of fall decor, not just a symbol for Halloween. There are plenty of fun ways to use pumpkins and gords to decorate your home, and you don’t have to have carving supplies.

Painted Pumpkins

Painted pumpkins are an easy way to get that Halloween-feel in your home, without carving. You can also rescue your pumpkins before they start going bad and turn them into a pumpkin pie—Something you can’t do with a carved pumpkin.

The Galaxy on a Pumpkin

a pumpkin painted with constellations

Bring the galaxy into your home by painting a pumpkin with your favorite constellation. This is a great DIY pumpkin painting project for celebrating autumn when the nights are longer, and the stars are visible for longer.

Get the Instructions: DIY Galaxy Pumpkin

Pour-Painted Pumpkin Fun

Pour painting is a very popular form of art right now, and pumpkins are part of the painting phenomenon. This project is a great way to add some fun and vivid colors to your home and your Halloween decor.

Get the Instructions: Pour-Painted Pumpkin

Mantel Pumpkins

If you have a fireplace mantel in your home, use it to bring some fancy fall feelings into your home. Pumpkins make excellent mantel decor along with the right additions.

White Pumpkins for a Bright Look

You don’t have to get fancy when painting pumpkins—a solid color still works wonders. What matters is what you’re pairing with your pumpkins. This white pumpkin display stands out because of the addition of the green oak leaves.

Get the Instructions: White Pumpkin and Oak Leaves Mantel Display

Nest Your Pumpkins

You don’t have to make your display all fancy with garlands and chalk painted pumpkins to add color and a fall-feel to your mantel. Go for a natural look by nesting some pumpkins and even some gords in baskets on your mantel.

Get the Instructions: Mantel Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Centerpieces

Put pumpkins on the dinner table to bring the festivities to each meal. Centerpieces can be as simple or as fanciful as you’d like.

Try an Easy Pumpkin Centerpiece

beautiful pumpkin centerpiece on a wooden table in a soft lit room
The White House on the Square

You don’t need much on hand to make a great centerpiece. Pick a pumpkin, a cute dish, and some dried flowers for garnishing. You can opt for whatever colors fit your dining room or that put you in the autumn mood.

Get the Instructions: Green Pumpkin Centerpiece

Create an Elaborate Autumn Tablescape

Paint, stickers, and glitter are all fun things you can add to your autumn pumpkins. This display uses pearl stickers. You can also have fun with fake pumpkins. Find a fun pumpkin bowl or planter and add some flowers, whether you prefer succulents or chrysanthemums.

Get the Instructions: Tablescape Design

Stacked Pumpkins

Pumpkins are versatile. You can stack them to come up with some creative designs.

Pumpkin Trees

This is one of the coolest ways to display pumpkins, and it’s easy to do with real or fake pumpkins. You’ll use two pumpkins for painting on a tree, and your third pumpkin makes an excellent place for a carved moon, stars, bats, or even a witch on her broom (put a fake candle inside to light it up at night). You can also skip the top pumpkin and place a raven or vulture on top.

Get the Instructions: Painted Pumpkin Topiary

Leafy Topiaries

It’s autumn; leaves are falling everywhere. You can use real leaves or pick some fake ones up at the dollar store. Stack your pumpkins with leaves and other neat little bits of nature to make a natural leafy topiary for the porch or inside your home.

Get the Instructions: Leafy Pumpkin Topiaries

Floral Pumpkins

Add some flowers to your pumpkins and use them instead of your typical floral arrangements to decorate any room in your home.

Turn Your Pumpkin Into a Terrarium

Turn a real pumpkin into a creative terrarium with moss, plants, succulents, and even some fun accents. Get creative and make your terrarium a fairy garden or a home for toadstools.

Get the Instructions: Pumpkin Terrarium

Flower Covered Pumpkins

Whether you use a real pumpkin or a fake one and real or artificial flowers, covering a pumpkin with flowers makes a great decor piece. You can poke the flowers in or glue them on.

Get the Instructions: Floral Pumpkins

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