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What Is Petscaping?

A family pets a dog in a backyard.

If you’ve got a pet—particularly a dog—you’ve likely turned part of your home into a puppy oasis complete with a bed and toys. Many are doing the same for the outside of their home.

Petscaping is the process of making sure your yard’s landscaping is optimized for your pet, and it makes a lot of sense.

How do you petscape? Essentially, you need to keep your pets and their needs in mind when planning your landscaping. This includes creating activity areas for them as well as making sure you’re planting florals or produce that’s safe and non-toxic. Every dog can benefit as they all need active time each day (though the time varies by breed) and having stimuli in the yard can help their behaviors indoors.

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Petscaping doesn’t have to be as overt as a lawn strewn with toys. Part of the process involves protecting both your pet and your landscaping. Fences, hedges, and privacy screens are great methods for protecting delicate florals and produce from your pet as well as ways to keep them from chowing down on something they shouldn’t be. In terms of activity areas, if you have a large back yard, you can always set up a mini obstacle course with tunnels and snuffle rugs.

Ultimately, if you want to petscape, it all centers on making your yard as perfect for both you and your pet as possible. Want some help finding fun activities for your doggo? Check out these activity recommendations from vets.

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