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This Is Why Bar Spoons Have Spiral Handles

A person pours Coke down a spiral bar spoon.

If you’ve got an at-home bar kit or have attended a mixology course, you know that bar tools are more than just fun decorations for a bar cart. One tool has a feature you might not know about.

The spiral handle on bar spoons actually has a purpose other than just looking fun.

Kaitlyn Stewart, a TikTok content creator and bartending expert, shared how exactly bartenders use the spiral handle, and it’s truly genius. According to Stewart, the spiral helps you pour carbonated drinks deeper into the glass without worrying about them bubbling over or losing too much carbonation.

In the video, Stewart fills a glass with ice and then inserts the spoon so that it’s standing vertically on its own. Then, she grabs a Coke and steadily pours it down the spiral handle. It lands at the bottom of the glass with no excess bubbling and no foam spilling over the top. Plus, since it’s not foaming full of bubbles, the carbonation isn’t lost.


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Stewart’s video isn’t the only one that shows how the spoons are used, though. At the beginning of her TikTok, she cites creator @thirstywhale_ who also made a bar spoon video. He doesn’t comment on the carbonation trick, but he does explain that the spoons often feature extra long handles as they allow bartenders to stir quickly, and the spiral helps give them a better grip.

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The next time you’re planning a get-together and want to make a few cocktails, using your bar spoon to make a fizzy drink might be the ultimate party trick.

[Via The Kitchn]

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