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Why You Should Add Vodka to Your Flowers

A bouquet of tulips sit in a vase.
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Your Valentine’s Day bouquet might have bit the dust already, but with spring on the way, it’s fresh flower season. A fresh bouquet in your home is always a great way to bring some spring indoors. There’s a clever trick for making it last longer.

You should add vodka to your bouquet.

Yes, this definitely sounds odd, but once you hear the rationale behind it, we promise it’ll make more sense. Chris Bonnett, the founder of GardeningExpress.co.uk, explained that vodka has antibacterial properties. When added to your bouquet’s water it kills the bacteria on the stems, promoting growth. Plus, according to ProFlowers, the liquor can help prevent the production of ethylene, a gas that causes plants to ripe. By slowing down the product, flowers can survive longer.

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If, however, you don’t want to waste vodka—even if it is just a few drops you need to add to your vase—there is another option. Vinegar and sugar can also extend their life. The vinegar helps lower the pH so that microbes can’t grow, and the sugar helps feed the plan.

If you plan to incorporate some fresh flowers into your home for spring, vodka, sugar, and vinegar are your friends, but you might want to keep them away from this area of your kitchen.

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