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Why Price Isn’t the Most Important Thing About a Storage Unit

A couple takes boxes into a storage unit.

We all have specific budgets to keep our finances on track. If you’re on the market for a storage unit, there are several things to consider, but surprisingly, the one thing you might want to deprioritize is the price.

Jeff and Denise Henick, founders of New York-based Stop and Stor, said that while budgeting is important, there are other important elements of storage units that could outweigh costs.

First, you should definitely have a budget, and it is a good idea to look at pricing online. However, Jeff Henick said that people tend to make it too much of a focus looking only for the lowest price without considering the size and type of unit. The duo said when this happens, people often end up with storage units that aren’t large enough for their items and don’t have all of the features needed.

Jeff Henick recommends using a facilities’ website to see size guides for different units and determine which is best for your needs. While you shouldn’t get more space than necessary, Henick jokingly explained that a one-bedroom apartment’s worth of stuff won’t fit in a $19 storage unit.

As for Denise Henick, she explains that other factors like climate-controls should also be considered and factored into the cost.

“If you put something that’s quite expensive and delicate, like a piece of art, in an outside unit, that’s going to be affected by the inclement weather,” said Henick. 

Whether you’re planning a move or decluttering your home and need a storage unit, have a budget but being flexible is also key.

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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