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25 Wine Glasses for the Casual Sipper or Connoisseur

A woman holds a glass with a silicone cover, a glass of red wine is next to charcuterie, and a bottle of wine is in a cooler.
Ello/Amazon Basics/Vinglacé

Whether you’re on your way to getting your sommelier certification, or you just really enjoy a good box of wine, there’s a perfect glass out there for you. To help you find it, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites.

From traditional stemmed glasses to novelty pieces with cat whiskers, there’s a perfect wine glass out there for every sipper. Sure, they might not all be designed to perfectly match the wine you’re drinking, but they’ll still look darn fun on your table.

Stemless Wine Glasses

Three people hold stemless wine glasses.
Amazon Basics/Ello/Libbey

Stemless wine glasses are a perfect, versatile option for wine lovers. Designed to be more casual than traditional stemmed pieces, they’re ideal for picnics, nights on the patio, and laid-back dinners.

They also make great general drinkware if you want to switch things up and go for a wine spritzer or even a cocktail. If you’re looking for glasses that can do it all, one of these stemless options will surely work for you:

Libbey Hammered Base All-Purpose Stemless Wine Glasses

Unique hammered bottoms, yet still affordable.

Amazon Basics Stemless Wine Glasses

Sometimes, simple is best.

Ello Cru Stemless Wine Glass Set with Silicone Sleeves

No need to sacrifice style on your picnic.

Stainless Steel Unbreakable Wine Glasses

Never break a wine glass again.

Amesser Wine Glass Stemless

Someone get us this holographic drinkware, stat!

Stemmed Wine Glasses

A clear glass wine glass, a matte black wine glass, and a rainbow iridescent wine glass.
Amazon Basics/Jillmo/RXD

Wine lovers who want a full-on tasting experience will typically lean toward stemmed glasses, as the stems prevent your hand from warming the wine and altering its flavor. These type of glasses also have different size bowls to aerate the drink according to the variety of wine you like.

If you want a more traditional glass, stemmed is the way to go—but don’t worry, we threw in a few fun options, too, to go with your boxed wine:

Elixir Glassware Crystal Wine Glasses

A traditional, yet modern touch.

Amazon Basics All-Purpose Wine Glasses

You can pair these beauties with any vino.

WELinks Stainless Steel Red Wine Glass

Love Is Blind fans, this set's for you.

Jillmo Wine Glass

For the modern sipper.

Novelty Wine Glasses

Three novelty wine glasses have different slogans on them.
The Rox Drinks/Bevvee/KLUBI

Sometimes, you just want to have a little fun with your wine glass, and there’s not a thing wrong with that. Novelty options add a little bit of cheek to your sipping, and they also make awesome gifts.

From quotes to graphics, there’s plenty to choose from on this list, and each selection will guarantee a smile as you pour:

The Rox Drinks Succulent Plant Cactus Wine Glasses

Sip from one and water your plants with the other.

Bevvee Need Wine Right Meow

Cats + wine? Yes, please!

Wine Tumblers

Two glasses sit near a charcuterie tray, a glass has a strawberry on top, and a cool chills a bottle of wine.

Whether you love a good tailgate, have the perfect patio for picnics, or live at the pool in the summer, wine tumblers are a perfect option for you. These durable options are designed to keep your wine chilled, and some even come with lids and straws.

If you’ve got a lot of outdoor plans this spring and summer, you might wanna pick up a few of these so you’ll be prepared:

Fine Dine Stainless Steel Unbreakable Wine Glasses

Never worry about dropping your glass again.

Corkcicle 12 oz. Triple-Insulated Stemless Glass

There's a reason this brand is called CORKcicle.

Decorative Wine Glasses

A group of rainbow wine glasses, two stemmed crystal glasses, and copper and glass drinkware.

Looking to create a tablescape and want beautiful wine glasses for your guests? If so, decorative drinkware is the way to go. While many wine glasses are pretty, these options rely on color, embellishments, and design to bring an extra bit of beauty.

If presentation is at the top of your priority list, these gorgeous pieces are for you:

JoyJolt HUE Stemless Wine Glass Set

Subtle, but still eye-catching.

Mikasa Cheers White Wine Glasses

Everyone gets their very own pattern.

Trinkware Set of 2 Wine Glasses

Perfect for your fanciest dinner parties or events.

MyGift 14-oz Copper-Toned Stemmed Wine Glasses

These beauties are sure to be conversation pieces.

Trinkware Stemless Wine Glass With Gold Dot Design

This festive set pretty much screams 'Party!'

From traditional and novelty, to stemmed or stemless, no matter where (or how) you drink your wine, there’s sure to be a glass on this list that will make your sipping even more enjoyable.

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