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How to Organize Reusable Shopping Bags in Your Car

A woman folds reusable bags.

If you’ve ever looked in your car’s trunk and felt like you were about to dive into a sea of reusable grocery bags, you’re not alone. The bulky items can get hard to store, but there’s a solution.

Maxie Elise, a TikTok content creator, showcased how to store reusable bags in your car, and all you need is a plastic container and some folding skills.

In her video, Elise starts by explaining she learned this method from a pro organizer. She first starts out organizing plastic bags and then moves on to the reusable ones. Her first step is to fold the bag into a rectangle. Then, she tucks in the straps before folding the bag down in three folds to create a perfect square. Once done, she slides the bag into a plastic bin alongside others, pops it in her car, and there’s no more ocean of bags.


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The key to Elise’s bag hack is in the folding. Once you’ve unloaded your groceries, you’ll want to be sure you refold the bags (and sanitize them if need be), place them back into the storage container, and put them back into your car. This might add an extra step to your grocery routine, but it’ll be worth it for an organized trunk with more room to spare for other items.

Bino Plastic Storage Bins

Keep track of all those bags.

The next time you’re tempted to toss your bags randomly into your trunk, think about this simple hack instead and save yourself a cleaning job later. If you really want to make things easier on yourself, there’s always this easy way to transport food from your car to the house.

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