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Space Your Seeds Perfectly With This Hack

A person plants seeds into the ground.
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If you’re in the process of planning your spring and summer garden, we’ve got a clever hack for your upcoming planting. The tool you need is probably right in your kitchen.

A muffin tin is the secret to ensuring your seed spacing is perfect.

The hack comes courtesy of Katie Bridget who posted it on a public Facebook group for produce farmers in Newfoundland. In her post, Bridget explained that she’d seen the idea posted elsewhere and decided to try it out for herself.

Essentially, all you do is sink a muffin tin into your soil in order to create holes for your seeds. Not only do create the holes to plant the seeds, but thanks to the tins’ separate sections, you’ve also now ensured they’re perfectly spaced.

Once you’ve made all of the holes you need for your garden, plant your seeds, and you’ll have a perfect garden. As for your tin, simply wash it and resume your muffin and cupcake-baking seamlessly.

Of course, Bridget’s muffin hack isn’t the only one that combines the kitchen and the garden. Back in March 2021, Lyanne Betit, an Ottawa scientist, discovered that you can use an Instant Pot to help speed up the germination process of your seeds. While the hack works best with veggies suited for hot climates, it’s pretty handy to have in your back pocket.

If you’re got a spring and summer produce garden in your 2022 plans, this muffin tin hack might be worth testing.

[Via Taste of Home]

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