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How Often Should You Wash Your Duvet Cover?

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The whole point of a duvet cover is to protect a duvet, right? Wouldn’t that mean you don’t need to clean it quite as often as your regular linens like sheets? Unfortunately for those who hate laundry, the answer is no.

You should be washing your duvet cover every other week, and in some cases, you might need to do it more frequently than that.

While a top sheet might seem like a good way to protect your duvet cover and prolong the time between washes, that logic is faulty according to Ryan Lupberger, CEO and co-founder of the sustainable cleaning brand Cleancult. He explained to Well + Good that the top sheets often get pushed aside and kicked off during the night. Plus, oil, grime, and dirty from your skin will also come in contact with the top of the duvet cover as well.

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According to Angela Bell, a cleaning expert with Grove Collaborative, there are instances where more frequency is required. Bell said that you need to wash your cover weekly if you have oily skin or skin conditions that can be easily irritated. Also, those with pets and children commonly in the bed should also consider weekly washing. Finally, those with indoor allergies or those who sleep with windows open during allergy season should also up their laundering frequency.

If it’s been a minute since you cleaned your duvet cover, now might be the time, and don’t forget about washing your sheets as well.

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