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Friday Fun: This Cake Artist Creates Edible Replicas of Other Foods

An image of a cake by How to Cake It of a replicated Popeyes crispy chicken sandwich with french fries and a popeye fountain drink in the background.
How to Cake It

If you’ve ever wondered how cake artists transform baked goods to look exactly like other foods, now’s your chance to find out. Yolanda Gampp, self-taught cake artist and author, creates cakes that look like other food favorites—and here’s how she does it!

Over at How to Cake It, you’ll find dozens of jaw-dropping cake creations that continue to stun viewers. Let’s find out how these uncanny replicas are made.

Watch Cake Creations Come to Life

After working at a custom cake shop as an icing artist for several years, watching videos like this one never gets old. From jars of Jif creamy peanut butter to porterhouse steaks with charred grill lines, you’ll love watching these spectacular novelty cakes come to life.

Gampp uses ingredients like cornflakes and homemade syrups to make a crispy chicken sandwich cake. She also used puffed rice and dried fruit to make fried rice for a snazzy takeout cake.

Her work is so impeccable, as you watch, you’ll have a hard time deciding if you’re craving cake or the savory food Gampp is replicating.

How to Become a Cake Artist

Someone pouring syrup on a cake, the cover of How to Cake It: A Cakebook, and someone spreading icing on a cake with an offset spatula.
How to Cake It/William Morrow Cookbooks/U-Taste

While Gampp’s videos make cake decorating look easy, keep in mind that a lot goes into the final product. First, you have to make a batter, and then bake, cool, and freeze your cake. Only then do you get to the carving, frosting, sculpting, and working with fondant parts.

However, if you’re keen on learning how it’s all done, and you have a knack for anything artistic or crafty, we have some recommendations to help you get started:

How to Cake It: A Cakebook: Gampp’s book gives you a firsthand look at everything it takes to make realistic cake replicas. You’ll find visual instructions for making 18 sensational cakes, some of Gampp’s personal recipes, and loads of pro-tips. Whether you want to start with a kid-friendly creation or jump right into working with fondant and painting, you’ll learn tons from this amazing book.

How to Cake It: A Cakebook By Yolanda Gampp

Recipes and expert tips galore!

Offset spatulas: When it comes to making cake, your ancient rubber spatula just won’t cut it. This set will help you create smooth, crisp lines without running the risk of touching the cake with your knuckles. You’ll get three sizes for small, medium, and large cakes.

U-Taste Offset Spatula Set

Perfect for creating those smooth layers of frosting.

A simple syrup squeeze bottle: We used to use a pastry brush to add simple syrup to our cakes, but Gampp’s Sir Squeeze a Lot bottle is genius! We wish we’d had one years ago. Because custom cakes can take hours to complete, they tend to become a bit dry. A gentle squeeze gives you a generous sprinkle of simple syrup, which brings that moist, fresh flavor right back.

Sir Squeeze a Lot Bottle

Never deal with a dried out cake again!

Fondant: This stuff is, essentially, edible Play-Doh, and it’s how you bring your cake creations to life. Don’t let anyone tell you fondant tastes bad, either—they just haven’t tried a superior brand like Satin Ice. This two-pound bucket in white is excellent for beginners because you’ll be able to get a feel for working with it. You can also add gel food coloring to shade your white fondant, if necessary.

Satin Ice Fondant

The edible Play-Doh you need to make magnificent cake creations!

Watching cake artists create jaw-dropping desserts is super fun! If you’ve been inspired to try your hand at it, these essential supplies will help you create some amazing treats of your very own. What will you come up with?

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