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This Painter’s Tape Hack Has Nothing to Do with Your Walls

A paintbrush sits on top of a paint can.
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If you’ve ever painted your own space, you’ve likely used painter’s tape to protect moldings or other areas that you don’t want to be covered. However, there’s a different way to use it that has nothing to do with your walls.

According to Mike Mundwiller, an end-user product experience manager at Benjamin Moore, says you should be wrapping your paintbrushes in painter’s tape.

On the surface, this idea seems super strange. A clean, dry brush doesn’t need protecting, and for wet brushes, you should be wrapping them in aluminum foil—not tape. What’s the idea behind this hack? It’s all about prepping your brushes so you get the best paint job possible.

ScotchBlue Original Multi-Surface Painter's Tape

Grab some extra rolls for this tip.

“Before your first application with a new roller, wrap the entire roller with blue painter’s tape, then pull it off,” said Mundwiller. “This will ‘defuzz’ your roller prior to painting, ensuring you don’t have any fibers deposited into your paint or onto your walls once you get going.”

Not bad, right? While it’s arguably Mundwiller’s most unique tip, it’s not his only one for prepping for painting. He also said to run your hands through the bristles in order to remove any loose hairs and to add a plastic liner to your paint tray in order to make clean up easier.

If you’ve got some painting plans after your spring cleaning, you might want to grab some extra painter’s tape.

[Via Real Simple]

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