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34 Ways to Welcome Spring with Your Dog

A little boy running after a Jack Russell Terrier with a tennis ball in his mouth.

Spring is almost here, and that means most of us will be spending a lot more time outdoors. If you’re a dog owner, your pooch will probably be right there with you, and these accessories will ensure you both have tons of fun in the sun!

Whether you and your pup love to chill in the backyard, play fetch, or work on training moves, there’s an outdoor accessory that’s perfect for both of you. From adding some stimulation to agility courses to splashing through a puppy sprinkler, these canine accessories will make soaking up some vitamin D with your furkid even more fun.


A dog plays with bubbles, another dog plays with a tug of war toy, and a third runs with a rope toy.
Bubbletastic Store/BABYLTRL/Jolly Pets

If you go to the dog park a lot or have a big backyard, an interactive dog toy is the perfect way to welcome spring. From allowing you to extend the distance of your ball throws (hey, not all of us are athletic) to toys your dog can play with on her own, these pet accessories are perfect for spring playtime:

Bubbletastic Peanut Butter Scented Dog Bubbles

If you've never seen a dog play with bubbles, man, have you been missin' out!

BABYLTRL Dog Outdoor Bungee Hanging Toy

Your pupper can play tug-of-war to his heart's content.

Ameagry Interactive Tug of War Dog Chew Toy Outdoor

Play with your pup or give her some independence.

Chuckit! Sport Dog Ball Launcher

Send that ball flying.

LaRoo Dog Puzzle Toys

Reward your pup while he plays.

Water Features

A dog drinks from a fountain, a dog runs in water, and a dog shakes in a pool.

Have a dog that loves water? You don’t have to head to the lake, ocean, or a pool for them to enjoy it. Bring the water right to your own backyard with these accessories that’ll help your pup cool down as the weather continues warms up:

Kadaon Automatic Garden Water Sprinklers

Ever seen a dog play in a sprinkler? It's amazing.

Splash Sprinkler Pad for Dogs and Kids

Splash around with your pup and your kiddos.

Scuddles Dog Fountain

It's a water fountain and sprinkler in one.

ChuckIt! Zipflight Flyer Dog Frisbee Toy Floats

Head to the lake for some playtime with this floating frisbee.

Rest Areas

a dog sits on a bed, another stands inside a cabana, and another is inside a dog house.
Tail Stories/PawHut/Midwest Homes

While toys are fantastic for your pup, they also need a place to rest—especially outdoors. From simple pieces that work both inside and out to full-fledged pet furniture, these options will allow your pet to relax in style:

The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat

This will help your BFF stay cool even on the hottest days.

PawHut Wicker Dog House Elevated Raised Rattan Bed

Does it get more fabulous than a doggy cabana?

Tail Stories Outdoor All Weather Dog Bed

Use this bed indoors or outdoors.

Agility and Puzzles

A dog plays with a snuffle toy, another dog sits in agility course, and another dog plays with a puzzle toy.
STELLAIRE CHERN/Paw Hut/Outward Hound

Want to really keep your dog on their toes, er, paws? Agility courses and puzzle games are the perfect way to help them get both exercise and mental stimulation. With these pieces, you can teach them to run an agility course or do something as simple as giving them treats via a puzzle:

PawHut Four Piece Obstacle Dog Agility Training Course Kit

Teach your dog to run an obstacle course.

HDP Eighteen Foot Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel

Keep things simple with this tunnel.

Hunger for Words Talking Pet Starter Set

Every wanted to speak with your pet? Now, you can!

On the Go

A dog drinks from a bottle, another dog is in a carrier, and one more lays on an outdoor bed.

Yes, your backyard and the dog park are great, but if you love a good adventure some on-the-go essentials are a must. From hiking to camping, if you need some accessories that will make trips easier or more fun for your pup, these might just be the items you’re looking for:

Innoshopp Dog Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is a must.

Furhaven Pet Bed for Dogs

This travel-friendly pet bed will keep them cozy.

XSY&G Dog Boots

Headed to a trail? Protect your pup's feet with these doggie boots.

iYoShop Hands Free Dog Leash

Go hands free on your next walk.

Ytonet Pet Carrier Backpack

Just because your pup is small, it doesn't mean they shouldn't come hiking, too.

Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness

A harness is a great option for long walks.

If you’re looking forward to lounging and playing outside this spring with your dog, these outdoor pet accessories will ensure both you and your BFF have tons of fun in the sun.

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