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This Is the Correct Order to Clean a Room

a woman cleaning the hardwood floors.

The time has come. You need to clean, but you’re unsure of where to start. Well, turns out there is a correct order in which you should be doing it.

For the most effective clean, you should start from the top of your space and work toward the bottom.

Sure, there’s no hard and fast method for cleaning. Feel free to do it as you wish, but when it comes to optimizing the impact, the order in which you clean does matter. First, you should start removing any clutter or extraneous items in the area. Are there bags lying around? Kids’ toys? Pet paraphernalia? Get everything out of the way before you get started so you can ensure all surfaces get cleaned.

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Then, start at the top of your room—as in the literal top. Using a long-handled broom or a specific ceiling sweeper, get rid of any cobwebs that have collected near the ceiling. Clean the light fixtures, ceiling fans, and tops of window sills. Essentially, if it’s up high, dust and clean it first. Why? Because the leftover dust or bits of dirt will fall. If you’ve already cleaned the lower levels, you’ll simply dirty them again.

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Once the top levels are done, move to the middle. Dust and clean shelves, televisions, coffee tables, and end tables. Then, it’s time to move on to the floors. Clean your baseboards first so that any leftover debris can be cleared later. Then, if you have hardwood, laminate, or tile floors, sweep them to get rid of any sizable dirt. Move on to mopping after that. For those with carpet, move straight to vacuuming. When you’re done, your room with be spotless, with nothing left behind to disturb it.

If you’ve ever been stumped on exactly where to start spring cleaning, narrow it down by room and start from the top.

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