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Find Something New to Read on Reddit

The r/books subreddit homepage.

If you’d like to read more but struggle to find something to dig into, focused subreddits can help you find your next title (or 10) to tear through!

We’re pretty heavy readers here at LifeSavvy—so much so that we like to track the books we’ve read. Our friends over at ReviewGeek like to read, too, and they’ve shared a wide variety of places you can find more books to enjoy.

Their suggestions range from those you might expect, like Goodreads, to others you might never have considered before, like Reddit:

“There are tons of book-related subreddits with incredibly active communities. r/books is the most popular, and it’s full of general book discussions and recommendations. r/bookclub is, essentially, an online book club. Members regularly pick new books to read and discuss. It has 70k subscribers, so it’s a great way to find new books and get involved in the community. r/booksuggestions and r/suggestmeabook are also fairly active. If you share the kind of books and genres you like, other members with similar taste will make suggestions and help you find new books.”

To see all of their recs for finding new reads, check out the full article.

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