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This Tape Measuring Hack Will Help with Those Inside Corners

A tape measure is extended.

If you’re planning to mount some new blinds, you’ll probably need to get into the corners of the windowsill to measure. This means you’ll have to bend your tape measure, and your calculations could be off as a result. Turns out, though, there’s a hack for that!

You’ll never have to bend your measuring tape again because, believe it or not, this handy tool includes a built-in measurement.

Rebecca Propes, former contestant on NBC’s Making Ittook to her social media to explain how to use a tape measure in corners and to get into tight spaces. While using this tool is pretty straightforward, there’s one thing you might not know: most of them have their length imprinted on the base.

For example, on the back of Propes’ tape measure, there’s a measurement, which is how wide it is. Why is this important? Well, if you know the width of the tool (which, in her case was 1-3/4 inches), all you have to do is add that to your measurement on the tape.

Boom! You’ll never have to bend your tape to fit in a corner ever again. Plus, you’ll know you’re getting as accurate a number as possible.

Whether you’re already a seasoned DIY-er or are planning a spring renovation, you can get the most out of your tape measure with this trick.

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