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This Pantry Staple Can Absorb Wine Spills

a glass of red wine is spilled on carpet.
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No matter how careful you are, accidents will happen. When that accident involves red wine, your first instinct can be to panic, but there’s a pantry staple that might just be able to save you—and your carpet.

Salt can absorb red wine stains, but you’ll have to be swift.

How does this work exactly? Well, the bad news is that if you’ve got a set-in wine stain, you’ll need to opt for a different stain removal method. However, the next time something does tip over, you should immediately head over to your pantry and grab the salt as well as a towel.

First, blot up any excess wine with a towel. Once you’ve removed as much as possible, pour a generous amount of salt over the spill. Allow it to sit for a few hours, and the salt will absorb the wine from the carpet. Once it has soaked everything up, simply vacuum up the salt, and you’ll have a pristine rug once more.

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Another salt-based removal option calls for first flushing the stain by pouring cold water on it and then using a towel to blot up the wine. Once done, add your salt and let sit for three minutes and flush with cold water again before blotting. If the stain isn’t removed repeat these steps.

If you’re a red wine lover but know the dangers it can pose to your carpet and upholstery, you might want to keep some extra salt on hand.

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