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Surprise! Denture Tablets Can Tackle This Dreaded Chore

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We all try to avoid certain chores. Whether that’s taking out the trash or doing the dishes, it’s hard to resist a shortcut. While you’ll probably still need to take out the trash, if cleaning the toilet is your least favorite task, there might actually be a quick fix.

Denture tablets can clean your toilet, and it makes the process extremely simple.

While nothing is a substitute for a good deep clean, for your weekly scrub, a denture tablet can make the process markedly easier. Much like they do when added to water with dentures, you’ll pop a tablet into the toilet bowl, and it will effervesce helping to remove hard water stains as well as germs and bacteria. Then, when it’s done, use your toilet brush and clean the bowl as you usually would.

Efferdent Denture Cleanser Tabl

Make your to-do list simpler.

If you’re wondering why use a denture tablet when you just buy toilet bowl cleaners that do the same thing? Well, a pack of denture tablets retails for an average of about $6. Traditional toilet bowl tablets? They’re typically more than double the price.

The next time you’re taking on Americans’ most dreaded chore, you might want to snag some dentures for the job (or a dryer sheet).

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