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Break a Glass? Grab Your Lint Roller

Broken glass is in a dustpan.
Marco de Benedictis/Shutterstock.com

No one enjoys breaking a glass (unless it’s a celebration), but the worst part is the cleanup. If a wine glass or mug shatters particularly badly, it can be hard to find all of those tiny pieces. Because they’re clear, it makes this task even more difficult. Luckily, though, this clever trick can help.

Next time you break a glass, grab your lint roller. Now, of course, you won’t be lint-rolling any large pieces of glass from your floor or countertop. To use this hack, you’ll first want to remove all the most sizable and visible pieces of glass.

Then, grab your lint roller and make sure it’s ready with a fresh, sticky sheet. Roll it over the area with the broken glass and anywhere else some shattered pieces could have scattered to. Thanks to the stickiness, any small bits will adhere, and you can ensure that neither you nor anyone else in your home steps on a stray piece of glass.

Scotch-Brite Lint Roller

Snag a few extra rollers in case of accidents.

Don’t have a lint roller? Another clever trick is to grab a piece of white bread or a bagel. Press the bread on the glass-covered areas, and the pieces will embed in the bread. And bonus: both of these tricks also work on glitter if you’ve got crafty kids.

So, next time there’s an accident on wine night or your kiddo has a glittery holiday project, just grab that lint roller.

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